BE the Peace in the Chaos

It is Chaitra NavRatri (April 6 to 14), a time when Hindus all over the world celebrate the Divine Feminine and read the Ramayana or Tulsikrit Raam Charit Manas in preparation of the birth of Shree Raam. This is an auspicious time for reflection.   I’m at Parmarth Niketan Ashram in Rishikesh, India, observing silence for NavRatri. Each day, just before sunset at 6 p.m., I hurry to the holy banks of Ma Ganga to dip my toes into Her holy waters, offer my prayers, ceremoniously sprinkle Her waters on me and then take a sip of Her blessing. Then I participate in the evening Havan and Ganga Aarti, feeling the blessings of the universe flow gracefully into me. It is a magical time – a mystical time when we are in union with the universe. Just prior to NavRatri, I facilitated “Embrace Your Spirit with Chakradance,” and after NavRatri, I will be facilitating the workshop “BE the Peace in the Chaos.” The topics for this program are mostly based on the teaching of the saints and how to live in the world and with self according to yoga philosophy, with the last module being “Ahimsa in Action.”

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