I am so glad that you are here to take the next step towards awakening your inner feminine goddess!

It’s not an accident that you’re here. You are here right now because you yearn to awaken your inner goddess to access your enlightened possibilities and be your best in all your various roles and relationships.

Are you a woman who …

  • ** feels successful at work and then returns home to feel disempowered, living a double life and no matter what you do it’s not enough?
  • ** is struggling with fear, stress, indecision, and anger?
  • ** want to feel accepted by your co-workers, family and friends for who you truly are?
  • ** is afraid that if people truly get to know you, they will not like or accept you?

**is looking for guidance to connect with your true essence and full expression of your divinity to live your purpose?

You are a professional woman who …

  • has a job or career and looking after the home, spouse, children and sometimes parents.
  • feel like you do not have enough time or energy to do it all.
  • give up sleep, nutrition and your own well being to fulfil all the roles that are expected of you.
  • feel selfish if you take time to truly care for self when there is so much to be done.   You may have to take your children to dance, swimming, music lessons, hockey, football, etc.; visit your parents and / or siblings; or complete that project for work or your volunteer activity.

You and I will get along magically if you want to:

  • Get clarity of your true identity at the core of all your various roles that are expected of you
  • Learn how to accept, embrace and love all that you are
  • Co-create authentic and fulfilling relationships with self and others
  • Gain improved health, happiness, and well-being.
  • Co-create a life of abundance, joy, love, gratitude and confidence
  • Uplift your spirituality and connect with your core essence and true identity to live from your best self at home, work and leisure

I am passionate about working with professional women who are seeking their higher calling, want to explore and manifest enlightened possibilities to live their true essence, joy, full expression and radiance of their inner strength and light.

I believe that when women discover the goddess within they can be the example of peace and joy for their family, community and their world; and bring about transformation for themselves and everyone around them.

My name is Tara Maniar. I am a Certified Chakradance Facilitator & Spiritual Life Coach, and International Workshop Facilitator, empowering strong women to transform their inner turmoil to enlightened possibilities and discover their inner power and true essence to live all their various roles with joy, full expression, love and radiance.

To journey with you on this wondrous awakening of your feminine goddess, I offer group meditation and Chakradance programs; and confidential one-on-one coaching packages,

  • Co-Create Your Life:
    interpersonal wellness to be, do and have the life you desire
  • BE the Peace in the Chaos: manage your challenges with clarity, compassion, courage and confidence
  • Dance of Shakti: Be the essence, joy, full expression  and radiance of the Divine Brilliance!

Are you ready to begin your journey to access your enlightened possibilities to be your best in all your various roles and relationships?

Click here  to schedule a chat with me to explore how partnering with me can help you access your true identity to live your best self in each moment.



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